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Dr. Elif kuzu


DAOM, LAc, Dipl. OM, BS

NCCAOM Certified

Dr. Elif Kuzu will pinpoint the source of your discomfort and ease your tension. Dr. Elif Kuzu 

integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5Element style of Acupuncture. Dr. Kuzu specializes in reproductive health, digestive complications, stress, sleep disorders, post-stroke, labor inductions, pain, trigger point therapy, injection therapy and much more. She has a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College, Boulder, Colorado. And a

Doctoral degree in Chinese medicine and Acupuncture from Yo San University of TCM in Los Angeles, CA.


josiah lucero

Self Awareness Therapist, SAAT, ECp,


Josiah Lucero is the founder of Seven Attributes To Self Awareness. A Self Awareness Therapist is an individual's ability to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of one's own character. Realizing this will enable one to take actions, and make choices and decisions that are consistent with their own abilities. It is important to put the time in -self-awareness it is not learned in a book, but achieved through self-reflection by using what you have learned about your self to inform decisions, behaviors, and interactions with other people and the Patient/Client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the Patient /Client to maximize conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires. A Self Awareness Therapist uses a deeper, more holistic approach. We incorporate Seven Attributes To Self Awareness in our treatments. The Seven Attributes To Self Awareness is a technique developed by Josiah Lucero, and it works by literally getting rid of emotional baggage. ... Because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues and can cause acute pain and even disease.


Kate Elliott


 LAc, Dipl. OM

 NCCAOM Certified

Kate works intuitively and deeply to find and resolve the source of illness and discomfort, incorporating nutrition, bodywork, and Japanese style acupuncture into treatments.

 She received a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder. Kate loves a good challenge and looks forward to supporting you through your journey of healing and health.





  Massage Therapist


As a practitioner, my main focus is relaxation and helping, whether your needs are deep tissue

or just a relaxing getaway. My services include deep tissue, swedish, prenatal, shiatsu and lymph massage. The version of Shiatsu I perform is a relaxing

acupressure session performed

clothed on the floor.

A Lymph massage is a very gentle flushing of your Lymphatic system to help your body with its own beautiful system of detoxifying the body. This type of massage can be useful to anyone with allergies, sinus pressure, back-up of lymph in areas of the body, and just 

to help with detox in general.

My goal is to find the right treatment that can

help you live a more relaxed life.


Nicholas Rivera

Massage Therapist


Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Exercise Coach

Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Second Degree Traditional Japanese Reiki Practitioner​

Nick Rivera, is a deeply compassionate, empathic, and intuitive healer, student, and educator with over 12 years of experience and training. He holds advanced certifications in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage from his studies at the Sunshine School for Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Nick holds a AOS and is Licensed as a Massage Therapist through the Swedish Institute where he concentrated on the best western medical and eastern TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) approaches to provide preventive care and treat a variety of different injuries/pathologies. Additionally,

Nick is a certified Exercise and Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK Institute, Certified Personal trainer, Usui Reiki 2nd degree Practitioner, and movement enthusiast.

His mission is to help people address the things that are blocking them from being their authentic self and enjoying a life they truly desire. By holding safe, sacred space for transformational healing, Nick uses bodywork, corrective exercise, energy healing, spiritual guidance, and grounded practical counsel to craft his sessions. Deeply committed to his own healing journey, Nick embodies his teachings to the fullest as a guide for others.

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  Emily wingeier

Massage Therapist


Emily, a Reiki Master, has a wide variety of techniques at her fingertips that range in pressure from very deep to gentle. She integrates techniques as needed, including deep tissue, craniosacral therapy, Jin Shin or 5 Element

acupressure, applied kinesiology, amygdala clearing for trauma

from injury or emotional stress,

orthopedic massage, Swedish massage, deep orthopedic and medical massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, swedish massage, trigger point, muscle activation, spinal reflex analysis, muscle reactivity,

myofascial, and neural organization techniques.



Dr. Taylor



Naturopathic medicine is an ancient philosophy of medicine that believes the body has an inherent ability to heal and renew itself. Our bodies have wisdom and when we use this wisdom, amazing things can happen. We deal with blood sugar imbalances, digestive ailments, heart and brain dysfunctions, skin conditions, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, weight, inflammation, bone and joint issues and much more. We want to help the body get out of stress and help educate the public to no longer need us. We want to teach you how to be healthy without the need of a doctor. 


Lily wolken

Massage Therapist


Lily has always felt calling towards healing massage from the age of a young girl. You could often find her making her rounds around the dinner table offering shoulder massage. So with a natural touch, she in her adult years went on to study many modalities in Bali, Indonesia, and then proceeded to enroll into a 600 hour training at renowned Berkana Institute upon returning to the States. She has since narrowed her studies, studying deeper modalities such as Mindful Expressionism. 

She now practices with an integrative approach, offering nurturance while going deep within the layers of the tissue. She offers deep understanding the body while holding a grounded space, and offers in her practice: Facial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy, as well as modalities such as Reflexology, Swedish Massage, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.   



Dawn Heartman

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist


Dawn Hartman is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.  Dawn has  professional massage licensure, and combines Biodynamic & Upledger styles of Craniosacral therapy with a trauma-informed lens of nervous system regulation in her healing & coaching work. She facilitates Authentic Relating practices, is a lover of Integral Theory, and a practitioner of divine feminine spirituality.


As a Craniosacral Therapist I orient to stillness and presence as the foundation for healing the physical body. Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch clothes-on bodywork modality that releases subtle and deep tensions in the body to relieve pain and and improve whole body health and performance.  It is excellent for rapid reduction in acute stress, brain and spinal cord health, and restoring a profound sense of peace and well-being



Michael nicolella

Self Awareness Life Coach

I am a Self-Awareness Life Coach helping men and women break through limited beliefs and fears by developing life skills to improve relationships, find unconditional love, and make self growth a reality. 






Reiki Practioner

Kelsey Fennimore, an empathetic intuitive healer, has been studying massage for the past 4 years. She graduated from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

She truly believes bodywork is sacred and by integrating Reiki, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, and Prenatal Massage, Kelsey is able to tailor each session to the clients needs. She wants to learn more healing modalities in the future to help further assist in helping others heal. Her goal is to make sure each of her clients leave feeling renewed and rejuvenated after each session :)





Osmosis Sculpt Tec

I am a Osmosis Sculpt Tech. I will assist you to attain your goals in weight management, age reversal, skin sagging and skin tightening. Together we can get you where you want to be. 



 julia king

  Massage Therapist


After experiencing the benefits of massage therapy in healing both physical and emotional pain, Julia King was called to become a therapist so she could offer such comfort and healing to others. She graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in June 2012. 


By integrating Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial release, Julia tailors each session to meet your individual needs. With comforting touch, Julia strives to assist the body in healing and helps you achieve overall physical and mental well being.  

For a full list of alternative medicine services, contact us today.



Jill Eberly

Client Relations Specialist

As the client relations specialist, my goal is to facilitate the highest therapeutic experience for each patient by thoughtfully discussing and reviewing potential services and/or products which may optimize health and well-being. I will serve as a liaison between the patient and practitioner, maximizing the effectiveness of all healing regimens per patient. 


My offerings will also include energy healings, metaphysical crystal therapy, osmosis sculpt treatments, and one-on-one personal training sessions. 


NCAA accredited Personal Trainer Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine 


Completion of the Energy Healing Program at the Boulder Psychic Institute of Colorado